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Author Name Qualification Year Title Subject Volumes Supervisor
MILLER, Sarah BA Hons 1993 Images of the Goddess Diana at Fontainebleau : The Imperial Aims of Francis I and the Representation of Diana Propaganda 2
DALGARNO, Janet BA Hons. 1993? This study is an examination of the effects of the Paris Couture on Women, Fashion, & Modernity in Australia from 1891 - 1929 Modernism ?
DAVIE, Laura BA Hons 1993 Painted frames and borders of Georges Seurat (1859-1891), The Neo-Impressionism, Pointilism 2
GEORGE, Sarah Post.Grad.Diploma 1993 Trinity College Edward Rowden White Collection, The Collection Ethics Deaccessioning 1
MACMAHON, Laurelee Post.Grad.Diploma 1993 National Gallery of Victoria Australian Studio Glass Collection, The NGV 2

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